Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I got an award!

Vicki has awarded me "Your Blog is Fabulous Award"! Thank you so much Vicki! She has an awesome blog, you should definately go and check it out!

I have to share 5 things I'm addicted to, so here it goes:

1. Rubber stamps! That is obvious, right?
2. Dancing... another duh!
3. Party Mix (chex mix) that I make... it's sinful... TRUST ME!
4. Dance costumes... it's my favorite part of dance... hahaha!
5. Hot chocoate!

Now, here are my nominees for this awesome award!
1. Stacy
2. Alexandra
3. Silvia
4. Faith
5. Sara


  1. Thanks so much Riley!!! I have been soooo bad about keeping up with blogging lately - please forgive me!! I have you saved in my faves because you are!!


  2. ohhh thanks for the award! I love how cute and stylish she is!

  3. So fun Riley! Great award, thanks so much! I still haven't gotten the last one you gave me up yet. Sheesshh... Technical difficulties. lol