Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Non-Stamping Entry

Hi all, I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a busy one, so I was unable to stamp or post! But, here is the latest in the Life of Riley....

I don't know if i have told any of you this yet, but I run a dance studio named Divine Dance Center. Recently it was brought to my attention that a dance studio about 7 miles from me opened up named Divine Dance Inc.

My attorney sent them a cease and desist letter ordering them present in writing their plans to change their name by March 31. Yesterday came and went and we heard nothing. Today my attorney got a call from their attorney... this looks like it's going to court and i'm sick to my stomach.. why would someone steal my name? why wouldn't they change it? UGH I don't want to go to court!!!

The only thing that is not getting me totally down is that I have a studio full of students and parents who have my back. All of them are appalled by someone stealing my name. I never really know how territorial they were until this happend!

I am hoping that my attorney got back in touch with theirs and they can settle this out of court. I really don't want to go to court... oh yeah, I already said that!!! Pray that this gets settled with out court and without too much expense!!!

The above picture is of some of my students!

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